Tips for Dealing with Post Divorce Conflict

So your agreement is signed and approved by a judge who declared you single – you leave the courthouse thankful that you will never step foot in it again.  Unfortunately, many divorced couples find themselves back in family court for a variety of reasons.  A large part of my practice consists of post judgment contempt matters and modification of custody arrangements.  I find, more often than not, that these matters can be more adversarial and more costly to my clients than the divorce itself.  There are some simple ways to avoid unnecessary conflict when facing post-divorce issues: The simplest way

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Are You in Your Right Mind? (or Left?)

When I was about to marry my first husband, we were given a Myers-Briggs personality test by the priest who was to marry us to predict our compatibility.  I do not recall what the results were, but I seem to remember a look of disappointment? (or maybe fear?) on the face of that priest.  Since I have already said that he was my first husband, you can guess how things worked out.  Now, I am not saying that a standardized test or left/right brain thinking differences can predict the success or failure of your marriage or even how a couple will

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Pilot Program Launched to Allow Limited Scope Representation in Family Matters

There is an ever-increasing number of pro se litigants in divorce cases. Navigating the process on your own can be a daunting task. In an effort to assist pro se litigants, Connecticut has launched a pilot program that will allow divorcing parties to hire an attorney to represent them for some aspects of their case without hiring one for the entire proceeding. This is also sometimes known as “unbundling.” This means that parties can represent themselves throughout the case but, in addition, may also hire an attorney for specific matters such as alimony and child support, motions for exclusive possession,

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Personal Thoughts on Children and Divorce

by Lynn M. Pinder, Esq. I received correspondence from a divorce client today. It outlined the typical monetary issues most divorcing couples face as well as some typical personal updates that some clients feel I should be privy to. What set this email apart for me was the last line which stated “by the way, our daughter is happy and healthy.” We tend to forget the effect of divorce litigation on our children. Most parents think long and hard about how the children will navigate growing up in a “broken home,” but not how they can be so negatively effected

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