MARCH 14, 2020: We received many calls this week with questions because of this pandemic. Many people are concerned about starting or completing their estate plan or real estate closing. This article sets forth our current plan regarding keeping our offices clean and open and options for being proactive while social distancing.
We are currently remaining open and following CDC guidelines for reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. The office is equipped with disinfectant spray and wipes and each employee will take care to clean her workspace throughout the day. In addition, the common areas will be disinfected after each use. Any employee who has symptoms of the virus, such as dry cough, fever or shortness of breath, will remain home. In addition, all employees will remain at home if exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of the virus and/or after spending time in a defined “hotspot”.
We are staying open because we are committed to providing our clients with uninterrupted service; however, we also recognize that social distancing is key to reduce the spread of the virus. Accordingly, we have set up several options for remote meetings, including Zoom and Facebook video conferencing, both of which can been done on a smartphone or computer equipped with a microphone and camera, as well as conference call capabilities and the good old-fashioned telephone call. If you want to schedule an appointment using one of these options, please email Kylie Pearce.
Signing legal estate planning and real estate documents does require the presence of witnesses and a notary, which is why we are keeping our offices open and as clean as possible. As stated above, we are following CDC guidelines to keep our offices clean and sanitary. We are not shaking hands. Doorknobs, table tops, and chairs will be disinfected in between each meeting. Each signer will be given a brand-new pen that is theirs to keep. In addition, we will have gloves available for those who want to wear them.
Alternatively, for those clients who wish to postpone completing their plan until after the pandemic is under control, we will honor and extend quoted fees until that time.
We hope this message provides a bit of relief to our community and our clients, many of whom are at higher risk of complications. We will be monitoring the situation daily and updating our status accordingly.
From all of us at Reed Wilson Case, our best wishes for the health of you and your family.