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What should you do so your mother’s $4 necklace doesn’t end up costing you $10,000 and family relationships?
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❓Yes or No ❓ A Will:

Is this the most important document you should have?

You may be surprised! Find out here!

📂 What is the most important “part” of a good filing system that is often missing that you need to have that will save you time, money, and sanity?

Advance Health Care Directives: 3 Biggest Misunderstandings!

🔍 Find out what a Living Will is not!!
🔍 Find out who is and more importantly!! who is not in charge when you are not able to speak for yourself!
🔍Find out the best age to have a Directive!

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Is the “I Love You” Will as good as it sounds?

❓Do you have an “I Love You” Will?
❓How can beneficiaries be protected from changes the surviving spouse might make?
❓Organizing and storing legal documents and passwords online? Good Idea or not? Other options?

Spring Cleaning with a Naughty Twist!

3 PLACES to SPRING CLEAN that should be at the TOP of YOUR LIST!
🎯Save money, sanity and your 😬reputation!

Happy April Fools Day! Don’t be fooled today or any other day!

Don’t be fooled on April Fools Day or any other day!
✅ Check out the 6 myths we busted.
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Taxes! Do This…Not That!
Taxes! Do This😀…Not That 😬!

🎯Planning ahead—what should we know and do to avoid stress and confusion?