Organ donation

Donating Your Organs To Research Could Save Lives

“Lois” (name changed obviously for privacy) came to my office a few weeks ago because she needed help with her husband’s probate. She explained to me that her husband had a law degree and operated a successful business. He managed most of the finances and legal affairs, not because he was controlling or she was unable, but because she was focusing on another very important matter during much of their life together. Their daughter was diagnosed at 12 years old with a very rare condition that caused her severe health problems throughout the rest of her life.

Who will inherit my estate

False Facts Friday – Who Will Inherit My Estate When My Primary Beneficiary Dies?

FALSE FACTS FRIDAY “My Contingent Beneficiaries Will Inherit My Estate When My Primary Beneficiary Dies.” Although it is quite reasonable to think that your will dictates what happens to your property upon your death, there are some loopholes. Many people think that whatever you leave to your primary beneficiary, your contingent beneficiary will inherit upon…