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False Facts Friday Issue 4: “I have to use the attorney that my lender assigns for my real estate closing.”

It has been well-established in Connecticut law that consumers have the right to choose their own attorney to represent them in their real estate closings. Yet during the mortgage application process when consumers receive their loan estimate, they see the name of a firm or lawyer on the form and many assume that they have to use that law firm. This is not true. You always have an option to use your own attorney to represent you in your real estate closing and should not feel forced to use the lender’s assigned attorney. This week, the Connecticut House of Representatives

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REAL ESTATE NEWS: New Property Condition Disclosure Form

REAL ESTATE NEWS: New Property Condition Disclosure Form

By: Joan Reed Wilson, Esq.      Effective August 10, 2018, the Connecticut Residential Property Condition Disclosure Form has changed. The revised form applies to all residential real estate listed on or after August 10, 2018. The old form will expire on August 9, 2018. The law still requires the seller to credit the purchaser $500 at closing if the seller fails to provide the disclosure form.  Click here to see the new form.       The Connecticut Association of Realtors has prepared a summary of the changes.

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SENIOR TAX RELIEF PROGRAM 2018 By: Joan Reed Wilson, Attorney at Law The State of Connecticut Homeowner’s Tax Relief Program provides real estate tax relief for seniors and disabled homeowners who qualify. Qualification depends on the homeowner’s age and gross income. If you or someone you know is over age 65 (or has been deemed disabled) and had income in 2017 that was less than$43,000 (married) or $35,300 (unmarried), be sure to visit your Town’s Assessor with your completed 2017 tax return as soon as possible to complete the necessary application. The application period expires on May 15, 2018.   For more

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Real Estate: Truths about the CLOSING DATE

If you’ve bought or sold a house, you likely paid close attention to two terms in your contract: the Purchase Price and the Closing Date. With respect to the Closing Date, real estate contracts typically state that the transaction will occur “on or before” a date certain; however, it is extremely rare that the closing takes place on or before the date listed in the contract. Many people assume that the terms in a legal document such as a purchase & sale contract for a home are set in stone. The Closing date is not one of them. This is

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