how to scan a document with my phone

How to Scan a Document With an Iphone or Android

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the need to quickly and efficiently scan documents has become increasingly important. Whether you’re a student needing to submit assignments, a professional handling business paperwork, or someone who simply wants to digitize personal records, having the ability to scan documents with your phone can be a game-changer. With advancements in…

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Estate planning for women

Focusing on Estate Planning for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

Estate planning is a critical aspect of financial management that often gets overlooked; however, given the unique challenges and responsibilities women face throughout their lives, effective estate planning is essential for ensuring financial security, protecting assets, and providing for loved ones. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of estate planning for women, common considerations,…

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repair relationships

This Year, Resolve to Repair

January is a time of reflection and resolutions. People often think about goals for the new year, and relationship repair is one of the most admirable. We are also on the heels of many family gatherings, some of which may have been strained, awkward, or uncomfortable. In our practice, we see the lasting and detrimental…

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self improvement month

The Importance of Self-Improvement Month (Tips+Goals)

Every September, as the leaves start to change and the air turns crisper, we are presented with a unique opportunity – Self-Improvement Month. This month encourages us to embark on a transformative journey toward becoming the best version of ourselves. It’s a time to reflect on our goals, identify areas for growth, and take meaningful…

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healthy aging

Healthy Aging Tips

Healthy aging is a multifaceted and dynamic process that encompasses various physical, mental, and social aspects, allowing individuals to maintain their well-being and quality of life as they grow older. It involves making conscious choices and adopting positive habits that promote longevity and vitality. In an era where life expectancy continues to rise, understanding and…

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new year new me - new beginnings. Hiring an Estate Plan Attorney should be the one new year resolution you cant ignore.

The One New Year Resolution You NEED To Execute in 2024!

Have your made your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 yet? Whether you started your list or not, let me help you with some inspiration – Estate Planning! Now hear me out… At the end of every year, we seem to think that “next year will be my year” – the year everything falls…

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