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“I first met Attorney Joan Wilson at a Killingworth Lion’s Club meeting. She was there to speak to members about handling their respective estates, financials and medical care should the need arise. I say ‘them’ and ‘their’ because at 29 years old and the youngest person in attendance, this topic did not concern me.

I brushed it off for a while and forgot the presentation even occurred. As it turned out, her presentation concerned me and my family more than anyone in the room that day. In May 2015, my father fell in our home and broke his neck. He underwent unprecedented neck surgery and spent a year in the hospital and rehabilitation centers.

He returned home in May 2016 and has since been under the care of myself and my mother at our family home. He cannot survive without our assistance. After hearing someone discuss Medicaid for insurance purposes, essentially to cover assets and property in case of an additional accident that could become financially crippling, I remembered the presentation by Attorney Wilson to the Lions.

I wrote her a brief email in October 2017 and explained our family situation. It took her less than an hour to respond and a consultation was set up at her office in Clinton the next week. The initial one-hour consultation lasted close to 2.5 hours, yet Attorney Wilson listened to our entire story. She informed us of the benefits and particulars of Medicaid assistance in Connecticut and thought that our situation was a prime candidate for the program. Her wealth of experience with the process for Medicaid was evident.

We felt so reassured that we had a better grasp on the topic and now knew of all the options we could potentially utilize. In less than a week, Attorney Wilson responded to us with her personal recommendation letter that included a proposal for services for my father and stipend for me as his caregiver (something we never imagined was even possible) and her willingness for her firm to represent us in our case at a very appropriate and fair fee.

It became a no-brainer to hire Attorney Wilson to handle our Medicaid journey. Attorney Wilson put her most trusted elder-law attorney on our case, Attorney Kristen Prout. Attorney Prout is a professional in every sense of the word. She worked hand-in-hand with us in the collection of financial documents, bank statements, bills and forms to make sure we were covered once we made the initial Medicaid proposal. Attorney Prout constantly made herself available to us, leaving no stone unturned.

Thanks to Attorney Prout’s knowledge of the process and her organization throughout, the arduous financial portion of the application was completed well ahead of our expectations; we were approved in early April, only five months after the initial consultation. The physical side of the proposal was handled through an in-home visit by a state social worker, who saw my father’s physical condition and immediately approved him for the program.

It was then that Attorney Wilson put us in touch with Mary at Assisted Living Services for their Family Caregiver Program, a program that allows family members to be reimbursed by the State for care they provide to a loved one at home. It was this vital connection between Attorney Wilson and Assisted Living Services that separated them from other elder care law firms. We received approval for the full benefits package approximately seven months to the date of the initial consultation.

I cannot properly explain what a remarkable achievement this entire process has been, and none of it could have been accomplished without the professionalism, connections and thoughtfulness of Attorneys Wilson and Prout. They cared deeply about my father’s health and our family’s difficult situation. They wanted to help us and because of their dedication to that goal, we achieved a far greater outcome than we could have ever imagined.

The financial and emotional sigh of relief my family now can experience is directly linked to the dedicated and professional work exemplified over a mere seven months by them. I cannot give a law firm a higher recommendation and would be happy to share my family’s story with any prospective clients in a similar situation.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed in their quality of work.”

By: Brett

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