Retirement Income

Is Retirement Income Taxed in Connecticut?

Did you know that Connecticut law provides income tax exemptions for Social Security benefits, railroad retirement benefits, military retirement pay, pension and annuity income, teacher pension income, and individual retirement account (IRA) distributions? Currently, exemption eligibility and amounts are determined based on the type of pay and the taxpayer’s total federal adjusted gross income (AGI).…

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earned income tax credit for elderly

Earned Income Tax Credit Now Available to Elders Without Dependents

Working elders without dependents may qualify for the earned income tax credit when they file their 2021 tax returns. The tax credit assists those with low incomes but was previously primarily available to people with young children. How Will The Earned Income Tax Credit Benefit Elders? If you file taxes and your earned income is…

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Capital Gains Taxes

How To Avoid Capital Gains Taxes When Selling Your Home

As a lawyer who is passionate about educating the public, I find that a lot of people are unaware of certain laws that affect them. At the same time, certain laws seem to stick in people’s minds, even decades after the law has changed. How many of you have heard that you have to reinvest…

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