Retirement Income

Is Retirement Income Taxed in Connecticut?

Did you know that Connecticut law provides income tax exemptions for Social Security benefits, railroad retirement benefits, military retirement pay, pension and annuity income, teacher pension income, and individual retirement account (IRA) distributions? Currently, exemption eligibility and amounts are determined based on the type of pay and the taxpayer’s total federal adjusted gross income (AGI).…

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social security benefits increase

Social Security Benefits Increase In 2022!

The year was 1983: The U.S. invaded Granada. A gallon of gas cost 96 cents. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video premiered. That year was also the last time that Social Security recipients saw a cost-of-living increase steeper than the one just announced for 2022. This year, Social Security benefits will increase by 5.9 percent, the sharpest…

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