Medicaid snapshot date

Medicaid’s “Snapshot” Date and Its Crucial Impact on a Couple’s Financial Picture

When a married couple applies for Medicaid, the Medicaid agency must analyze the couple’s income and assets as of a particular date to determine eligibility. The date that the agency chooses for this analysis is called the “snapshot” date and it can have a major impact on a couple’s financial future. Medicaid Eligibility for Couples…

Capital Gains taxes

Capital Gains Taxes On Real Estate Sales – When You Can Avoid Them and When You Cannot

Given the current seller’s market, I thought it would be helpful to bring back an article that I posted three years ago. It is about how capital gains relate to real estate sales, but this time with a twist! Does The Capital Gains Tax Law Still Exist? How many of you have heard that you…

nursing home reform

Biden Proposes Major Nursing Home Reform

The Biden administration has announced far-reaching nursing home reforms, targeting staffing and accountability at facilities with deficient care. Advocates are calling the proposals, which include the first-ever federal minimum staffing levels, the most significant reforms in decades. Why Is Nursing Home Reform Necessary? Nursing homes have been plagued by chronic understaffing and high turnover rates…