Who will inherit my estate

False Facts Friday – Who Will Inherit My Estate When My Primary Beneficiary Dies?

FALSE FACTS FRIDAY “My Contingent Beneficiaries Will Inherit My Estate When My Primary Beneficiary Dies.” Although it is quite reasonable to think that your will dictates what happens to your property upon your death, there are some loopholes. Many people think that whatever you leave to your primary beneficiary, your contingent beneficiary will inherit upon…

who will inherit my house when i die

False Facts Friday – “My Will Dictates How ALL of My Assets Get Distributed When I Die.”

Does Your Will Determine Who Inherits Your Assets When You Die? Last month I discussed how clients are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that having a Last Will and Testament does not negate the need for probate. Many people also incorrectly believe that the Will is KING. They think that the terms of the Will…